IMG_4499I have been putting this off for some time now. Almost two months to be precise.

Of course I have this long list of excuses mentally noted down somewhere at the back of my head but what actually tops the list but is not part of the list and is the reason why the list is a ‘mental note’ and not an actual one (I hope you are still following what I am saying) is because I am a PROCRASTINATOR, that too of the worst kinds. (There we go, I said it). I have no one to blame, sadly.

So, yes, I did spend extensive amount of time researching, editing, conceptualizing, editing some more, going back and forth with the appearance, and rewriting ideas and so on… Stuff like this does not come together overnight, well, it can if you are super tech savvy or someone who doesn’t care about the aesthetics but I’m kind of a perfectionist (wow) in the things that interest me.
Also, writing this made me realize and accept:
1- I am a procrastinator : now that I have realized and accepted it, I’ll try to fix it. (Hopefully)
2- I am a perfectionist: not to let it get to my head because after all its restricted to things of my preference. This isn’t that bad, really.

Anyhow, I’ll keep up with it from now. Although, ill be in the travelling phase but I’ll manage it through without any hindrances, I believe.

XOXO … AmnaOnline


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