I’ll start off with a confession:

I am a die hard foodie, and I just took the foodie-ism to another level by literally planning my travelling agenda around the same time as the food festival that was to be held in my hometown (Karachi), and pestering my husband about attending it way before I had even landed.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that a day before the festival, me and my two buddies took an ENTIRE DAY to discuss all that we were going to try there!

So yeah, now that you understand my love for food, let’s move on…

The food extravagance was held at the beautiful Frere Hall garden (one of the few pretty landmarks this city has) on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of January. It’s an annual thing so it’s gone now, and just in case this got you interested, you will have to wait till next year.


The security, the management, and the cleanliness inside and outside the premises was a job well done considering there were hundreds of visitors for three days in a row. The entry was Rs.250 per person and once inside the food haven, you pay for what you eat (duh! that’s a no brainer).

I attended the food fest for two days consecutively and I have no regrets.  So let’s just get to the interesting part where I tell you about all that I ate and how good or alright it tasted and how I couldn’t have enough of a few items, so yeah.

Also, I apologize in advance of how I couldn’t take pictures of everything that I consumed because I just wanted to dive into it without caring and also because well, by the time we would find a sitting spot, the plate would either be half empty or not presentable enough to, you know.

Without further ado, I tried…


Bond street waffles: one waffle squirted with either nutella or white chocolate syrup depending on your preference was around 300 bucks and it was just so delish! Sigh.

Churros & choc: light, airy, soft, beautiful churros with chocolate dip were to die for, honestly if you have sweet tooth and would have had those babies, you’d be in sweet coma.  They were so freakin’ gooood!



London fries:  potatoes are a must and when they are fries, there ain’t no stoppin’ me!!!! Unfortunately, these weren’t even close to enjoyable. Garlic mayo and tartar sauce were provided as the dips but even those didn’t help. Sad.


focus on the sad fries.

OH MY GAWWWDDDDD !!!! Saniya’s kitchen khausey:  I LOVE KHAUSEY, ABSOLUTE LOVE. But this khausey just took it to another level! Boy! I can’t even describe how good it was! I had it thrice in two days (don’t judge) I just could not have enough of it. Please if you like khausey or want to try it out because for whatever reason you have been deprived off it, please go have some. You will not be disappointed. Promise.



Chapli kabab by engro onaj (if I’m not wrong) (hopefully): I took a bite and I was done. ‘nuff said.

Fatso’s truffle fries: I am sad I couldn’t take a snap of this one. Not only were these goodloookin’ potatoes but had a blast of flavour the minute you put them in your mouth, it’s like your taste buds thank you for treating them to something that good.

Shan and national had these huge gazebo type stalls and they were providing with pocket friendly food, I don’t really remember where out of the two places I had the haleem from, which obviously I had to have because it’s HALEEM. It was for 50 and okayish.

Taha’s choco mania & temptasian : I love brownies especially the kind that melt in your mouth. That’s exactly what these chocolate brownies were like and something tastes like that you don’t think about taking a picture because you just can’t stop devouring the beauties.

Hoagies pizza: filled with cheese and toppings, super-hot, thin crusted. A must try!! Loved it. It wasn’t like those typical pizza houses kinda pizza. Just go and try it, you’ll know what I mean. Also unlike other food stalls which basically exist online, hoagie has a branch or maybe you can just home deliver and catch up on a nice show.

Lal’s patisserie– macaroon filled with ice-cream (coffee brownie): if just hearing those words doesn’t do it for you, I don’t know what will. It was perfect! Not overly sweet or bitter or tasteless, just perfect! Sad part? It was for 200 bucks and literally bite sized!  A must-have though.

IMG_4781.JPG  Khyber BBQ Afghani beef boti: it smelt good and looked good and the sibling loved it. He’s a picky eater so you can take his word on it. As for me, I don’t do beef or mutton.


Lipton set-up


Lipton cafe at night

Chai, Lipton chai, I cannot not have tea and get through the day, so I had my dose of caffeine from Lipton and although there were other places to have tea from but the Lipton people had come up with the prettiest looking, serene , classy round-about setup with lovely tables and cube stools around a fountain. So I had to chill some time there.



Time well spent.

Signing off


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