H&M Beauty Haul


Guys! you know H&M? of course you do, right? No? Umm, you cannot not know this high-street fashion brand! It’s just super amazing and has the most amazing stuff almost every time, yeah… So go ahead Google it if you are not sure what I am talking about.

Anyway, assuming that you do know about it, I’ll move on.
So, lately the beauty community has been buzzing about the H&M Beauty line that they recently launched sometime in September last year.
So one fine day I had an ample amount of time to myself at the mall (the husband was store hopping) and that is when i wandered off towards H&M’s beauty section and like always I felt like a kid in a candy store (now you know how i feel about this stuff) but here is the catch, I’m really indecisive and picky!. After spending an hour I decided to get these goodies to add to my collection.


  • Foundation and concealer brush (double-ended) – SR 49
  • Nail polish (one is a brilliant red and the other is coral pink) (Also, sorry I think these are discontinued because the new beauty line has different packaging)
  • Gossamer lip stain – SR 69
  • Velvet lip cream – SR 69

Since I had a flight the very next day, I just stashed these away and haven’t even yet opened them from their box packaging ( Amna, you are sucha hoarder) . I’m so doing it tonight! So stay tuned for the reviews!

Signing off
XOXO… AmnaOnline



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