Everybody needs a red nail color; it’s like a beauty staple. 

A red nail color is a must have. Its gives such a glamorous look that you feel put together, instantly.

Since there are so many shades that exist you cannot just own one red and that is why I am a proud owner of almost 5 different shades that almost look identical but I refuse to accept that. So, when I saw this H&M nail colour called the red nail, I knew I had to get it! And oh boy! I’m so glad I did!!

Anyhow, I just tried it on last night and after the first coat I was like, ‘this won’t do for me, and it’s not my kind of red’ (note: do not jump to conclusions, too soon). However, after the second coat I couldn’t get over it.

The brush application was so smooth and it dried almost within two minutes with a beautiful gloss finish (imagine red patent leather!) yeah, that’s how gorgeous this colour is. Also the best part about this nail colour is the fact that once it has dried it’s actually dried, you know what I mean? No? Okay so with most nail colour brands that I have tried high and low end, you got to sit yourself down and keep those hands to yourself for at least 10 minutes and then be sure not to move because you can end up with that awful dreaded smudging (that one fly-away hair that always decides to mess up the process). This nail polish just does not smudge once its done drying in two minutes. I absolutely love it … I can’t get over it (clearly).


OMG- just look at it!

Love this shade of red and it would complement almost every skin tone. And if you don’t own a red this would be a good start.

Signing off
XOXO… AmnaOnline


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