It’s been a while since I have gotten any time to read the way I prefer to read because things have kept me occupied and as much as I’d love to fall back to my favorite past time. Life does not allow it, at least not according to my preferred ways (reading at a never ending stretch and only putting it down on bathroom breaks)

Ashes, wine and dust is a debut novel by Kanza Javed. The book was shortlisted for The Tibor Jones south Asia prize and has a rating of 4.39.
You know how they say; never judge a book by its cover? Well, I’m guilty of that with this book but here’s the catch; my judgement was on point!  I fell in love with cover and just really really wanted to read it since last four months or so but since it wasn’t available in Riyadh, I put it off for later.
Anyhow, I got hold of it very recently and got done with it in less than two days. Yes, it was that captivating for me. It was enchanting because the author somehow manages to make you believe that you are the protagonist and the description and details about the locations and characters presented by the author have a very vivid feel to it. I felt almost mesmerized and transported to the village and then Lahore and then Washington. I literally traveled with Mariam in the book. More like, I was Mariam.

There’s a touch of feminism in the most subtle manner and the book just beautifully depicts the story of a strong woman, who is connected to her roots yet strives for her dreams and when was needed for her family went through everything to be there.

Favorite fragments:

“People recover differently. Some change cities, some fall in love and some begin writing.” 

“There are no plans, just people fooling themselves by attempting to design their fates and futures. It makes them feel invincible, even if it’s for a transient period of time.” 

“Gossip is not adopted by the bored. It is an art of discourse adopted by those who have experienced absolutely nothing thrilling in their lives; they have never really fallen in love or casually spoken to a complete stranger and they never dreamt of doing anything extraordinary. They are a group of people with dull lives and souls.” 

“I have learned the beauty of childhood, now. Every trivial thing holds great significance. You are sensitive and vulnerable to everything around you; you notice the changing leaves and all the colors in the rainbow. Every conversation leaves a brilliant imprint on your mind.” 

“It is the sad reality to understand early that our lives are nothing but a series of fleeting moments, moments that will keep escaping if we do not preserve them in our memories. Memories cannot be stolen. They are ours and ours forever.”

I was absolutely absorbed in the story, a wonderful read after quite some time. If you haven’t read it already, please do! And if you have, leave in your thoughts in the comment section.

Happy reading..

Signing off
XOXO… AmnaOnline

PS: is it just me or did the book actually had a lot of grammatical mistakes?



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