Last Thursday the boys and I decided to hang out for lunch and we opted for Côtie-Rôtie at Alliance Francaise Karachi. It’s a nice quaint looking café with a good ambience and sitting arrangement both indoor and outdoor but of course we don’t consider outdoor space as an option in Karachi’s melting heat. The menu changes daily because they keep switching up different soups and salads.

One of the boys really wanted to try out the Burrata cheese with basil pesto there (it’s a starter) and my taste buds now know a new flavor. It was soooooooo good and you will love it more if you are a cheese freak. Recommended as a must try. Fries are ALWAYS a side order, there cannot be no fries.


That’s the Burrata and fries, of course.

For the main course we ordered grilled chicken salad, grilled steak and peppers with chimichurri and baguette with aubergine, tomato, capers and pine nuts.


L-R: Aubergine baguette, grilled steak & peppers with chimichurri and grilled chicken salad.

The grilled chicken salad was not really a salad (deceiving stuff) but the flavor was amazing especially the grapes (which initially I thought would just make it taste awful), actually added an incredible tang to the entire sandwich. Beautiful, it was.
Grilled steak and peppers with chimichurri was a sandwich and towards the spicy side, it had a different savor and I loved it. Chimichurri is basically a green sauce (very close to our desi green chatni, not kidding) and because of this sauce the beef had a really good zest to it. The fact that the bread did not get soaked up and soft because of the sauce makes me give this sandwich a plus ten!
The baguette with aubergine was like bite sized pizza with very obvious ingredients that were mentioned in the menu and the taste had nothing appealing to it. To be fair, it wasn’t anything exceptional. I wouldn’t order it again.


The lonely flourless chocolate cake.

Because we spent almost three hours just stuffing ourselves and having very enlightening conversations before we knew it, it was tea time. No, it was really just caffeine withdrawal that gave us an excuse to try the dessert.

We ordered the flourless chocolate cake with cappuccino and a latte, the coffees were good. But, although the cake was good it lacked in presentation. Like just a slice with powdered sugar sprinkled all over ( it felt like someone was playing a mean joke) I mean, honestly why would you want to hand over a slice that actually looks sad sitting in a plate all alone. Why?
Overall, it was a good experience because of the great company that I had and I’d recommend it for the sake of trying out something different ( and for the Burrata).


Signing off

XOXO… AmnaOnline


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