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The miraculous coconut oil is a life saver, it can sort out most of your life problems and it’s just an oil, easily available oil, how cool is that? Okay.
It helps with healing cuts faster, good for brain health, balances cholesterol levels, balances hormones (healthy fats in this oil helps with thyroid), unlimited beauty and food uses.
I have tried it basically for like three purposes and its done well for me, so … let’s just talk about that for now.


better looking locks after a few treatments


  1. Hair treatment for over dry tresses– I’m genetically blessed (sarcasm intended) with super wavy/curly hair that have a mind of its own, i personally have never seen them behaving, well unless i do something to make them socially presentable. So i tested out the miracle oil and my hair felt like mush stuff, it was good!
    HOW TO USE– take 4 tablespoon of the oil (I have shoulder length OVER DRY hair, so you can do the math for your hair length and type).Warm it up for 30 seconds. Apply to your hair generously, focusing on the dry areas more, for me that were the ends and middle section of the top layer. Let the oil sit for half an hour . 10 minutes prior to washing, take a towel dip it in hot water, squeeze out the water and wrap the towel around your head. After 10 minutes, shampoo, condition and let it air dry.
  2. Nighttime face moisturizer– YES!!! I have applied it on my face! I have combination skin during summers and winter times its super dry. Also, dry climate leaves it really really dry, especially a city like Riyadh. I added this magic potion to my nightly routine, which is non-existent by the way and felt a huge difference overall, the skin, just looked more radiant and felt supple and let’s not forget!! The foundation went on better without clinging to dry patches. So it was a win win for me!
    HOW TO USE– wipe off the makeup or entire day gunk with a makeup wipe, wash your face, use a toner (I rarely do) and moisturize!
    Plus point- it’s an anti-wrinkle agent!
  3. Makeup remover– I think it’s the best way to remove heavy eye makeup, especially when you load on ten tons of mascara like me! It works wonderfully because it also nourishes your lashes and skin. so it’s perfect!  (And a cheap alternative)
    HOW TO USE– dab some on a cotton-ball and just wipe it all off!

Try it out and let me know how it worked out for you!
And If you have used it and it’s worked for you in anyway, let me know!

Signing off

XOXO… AmnaOnline


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