Last month family visited Turkey and as a gift brought back these fine-looking pieces and of course I fell in love with these beauties instantaneously. I literally cannot get over them. Just take a look at them! I mean stare. Also, that mush gorgeous stole!

I visited Turkey back in 2013 for my honeymoon and lost my heart to Istanbul. That city had such a homely vibe for me that I still can spend rest of my life there. Is that love? I think so.
Great city, absolutely beautiful people (everyone is so god damn good-looking) with warm souls. The spectacular Muslim architecture and heritage, the lovely tiny alley ways and undulating routes, smell of freshly brewed Turkish coffee… just all of it does it for me.

Among all of these things I cannot over look one more thing that I lost my heart to and that is Turkish jewelry! They have absolutely the most stunning pieces that I have ever laid eyes on! The great grand bazaar had a jewelry section with amazing silver stuff and I undeniably wanted to own all of it. I mean, just look at these…
IMG_8462 (1)

The carving of the metal and the stone setting is just incredible and almost all of the pieces are like statement designer jewelry. You can mix and match various pieces together or just wear one piece to make a statement.


I’d wear it with both eastern and western wear because they are gonna look fantastic anyway (smirk).
Just have to accessorize with these babies ASAP!

Do you own any Turkish Jewelry? If so, how do you style it up? Let me know, okay!
Signing off

XOXO… AmnaOnline


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