My previous post about dark circles made me think maybe not everyone wants to do makeup. Maybe someone is super lazy and don’t want to bother with a concealer, have no time in the morning before work because they probably wake-up just in time to change and dash out and of course I think I kinda overlooked the fact that our male counterparts are also overworked and under slept.

So, here’s a remedy that’s not gender bias and can be done by anyone, anytime. All you need is a POTATO. Yes, that good fella is not only amazing to eat but it just works brilliantly for your under eye circles. How?
There’s this new surgery in which they insert slice of potatoes under your eyes and that provides instant uplift to the eyes filling out the under eye bags and yellow in the potato kills the under eye darkness. LOL. BAD JOKE.

Okay, now the real deal.
Steps- ( I like making lives easier)
1. Take a potato.
2. Peel of the skin.
3. Cut out a slice and place it on your eyes. Make sure the potato has contact with your skin.
4. Now let it sit for 5 minutes.
5. Remove the slices.
6. Wash with warm water.
Also do it twice or thrice a week. It’s works wonderfully.

Potatoes are a rich source of vitamin C. Starch is also one of the key components along with vitamin B6. That just makes it great for skin. It can be used as a natural bleaching agent, for dried out skin, anti-wrinkle and lots more.

Put that potato to test. Good luck.
Tell me how it works for you or if you have tried it before!

Signing off
AmnaOnline …




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