Baby Elle cake – courtesy bestie

Your life is kinda incomplete if you don’t have a baby shower because basically it’s the little moments that you celebrate in life and entering into motherhood is definitely one of them.
It’s sort of a welcome to the woman into mommy phase of life. That’s how I take it, I mean, I don’t see myself having another baby shower and I definitely  don’t want to tell my second or third or fourth kid that they were any less loved.

So, when I was due with Baby M, a baby shower was in order for sure.
I knew what I wanted but obviously I had to get it done because that’s what awesome event planners are for and also because I very closely felt related to a penguin in that point in life. My walk definitely resembled one.

I got in touch with Zoya, she is the creative diva behind Zoe’s wrapping and is super talented. The only role I played was that I decided the theme. I wanted the elephant theme (I love elephants) based on three colors, pink, white and grey.
Everything was on point. The theme and the color coordination. The backdrop with balloons frame, the buntings, the table place mats, photo props, personalized plates and glasses and of course the favors for the guests which included customized nail polish and chocolates.

She personalized the tiniest of the things according to the theme and all of it looked beautiful. There was beautiful baby shower wish book that was absolutely lovely.
It was one of those events that was absolutely perfect because Zoya did an amazing job of taking care of everything and there were no last minute glitches.

She is budget friendly, which of course differs for everyone but the point is she not crazily overpriced. Bonus.

You can find her here. There’s like crazy photo galleries of super cool events that she has organized.

Signing off
AmnaOnline …

PS: If you look closely at the cake, behind the baby Elle , its already been devoured. The dirty knife is the proof. It was super yum!


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