After the super fun vacation at the island and being oblivious to the idea that I should have kept a sunscreen lotion, I’m ten shades darker then what I was before the vacations. And of course, that needs to be taken care off not because I mind a tan but because its kind a few shades darker than my liking.

Let’s skip to the part where we work to remedy this unfortunate tan.


STEP 1- Go to your kitchen.

STEP2- Find a tomato.

STEP 3- Cut into a half.

STEP 4- Apply the inner pulp area on your burnt tan skin.

STEP 5- Saturate your skin with the tomato juice.

STEP 6- Let it dry.

STEP 7- Repeat.

STEP 8- Let it dry.

STEP 9- Wash after 15 – 20 minutes.

STEP 10- pat dry.

Do it twice a week.

Tomato is one of the fruits that have high concentration of chemical known as lycopene; it’s what gives the fruits a red color. It is basically a powerful antioxidant which of course makes it amazing for your skin and general health when you consume it orally but the tomatoes themselves are a natural bleaching agent which even out the skin tone and helps with sunburns and tan!

Hope it kills the unwanted tan lines and sunburn for you too!

Happy Tuesday!

Signing off





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