Hey guys! I think I’m back physically and mentally (sort of) from my vacations now so I decided I’ll do a review of this lip stuff because I really really do like it and it’s become my super dry lip savior for throughout the year because everything about me is so extreme that even the dryness exists in the most humid weathers.

Let’s get on with it. I’m basically sold to great packaging! Like I literally wanna grab and run when I see a pretty packaged product (that’s how it just gets to me).
The EOS lip balm kinda had the same effect because it was just so cute!

These balms are free from paraben and petroleum and are enriched with vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil, so basically all that good stuff!
I love it because –
1. Super conditioning- really smooth’s out the lip wrinkles right away.
2. Flavor availability- they have a pretty decent range. 8 in organic line, 3 visibly smooth spheres and so on…
3. Light feel- one of the best thing about this round lip balm is that it does not feel icky sticky.


pomegranate raspberry

You can easily buy it from whites pharmacy if you are in KSA.
From here in Pakistan and you can check out their website
Have you tried the EOS lip balm? What is your take on it?leave a comment.
Have a great day!


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