Hi guys! I find it awesome when I have to do close to nothing when it comes to the whole  beauty regime thing because honestly I’m too lazy and I get really excited when I see a beauty hack that requires minimum effort.

This is so good that you can thank me later.
I have super dry locks and also chemically processed hair so anything that promises conditioning to that is a must-try for me. Kitchen stuff that doubles as beauty regime is just LOVE.
So it’s pretty simple, just get some mayonnaise and slather it all over your locks (dry hair). Let it sit for 30 minutes. You can cover your head with shower cap because the smell kinda gets to you. Just wash it away with cold water, not hot or lukewarm. COLD. Otherwise the smell will cling to your head and you’d smell like a stale egg. Not cool. Post hair treatment your locks will thank you!
Happy Tuesday!



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