jhgjhgjhSingapore is sucha picturesque country that you cannot get enough of it. It has the perfect blend of entertainment and relaxation and the weather all year round is sunny, with light showers occasionally. So you don’t really need to worry about the weather situation. Although September is monsoon season but we didn’t face any extreme rainfall issues just some drizzling every now and then which just made everything look and feel ever so more amazing.

We spent three days in Singapore and four days in Sentosa (island resort).
In Singapore we stayed at Novotel hotel. It’s located in Clarke Quay and it is an amazing location. The minute we got out of the hotel on the right side was the riverside area. It was kinda like a humongous boulevard with river on the left side and quirky bars, restaurants, cafés, nightclubs on the right side, its called traders market. It had all these spacious lanes that lead to the central fountain square and again surrounding were the eateries and bars. So cool, I tell you.


Late at night we would just sit by the riverside and appreciate the beauty of the place and see people living it up. Locals, tourists, everyone would be just doing their own thing. People dancing to the live jazz music, some busy drinking away the night, friends chilling out, couples dining… there’s so much to take in when you sit and just look at life.


In Singapore we visited all the touristy places.
1. Singapore zoo, (it’s the most famous zoo, ever) it’s a beauty on its own and its like spread on acres of land with these beautiful animals of every kind from all over the world. I didn’t even there were so many animals in this world (wow). Within the zoo they host shows with all these trained animals and it’s so much fun. By the end of the day there’s night safari and it was the best experience ever! They take you in an open buggy slash train in pitch dark forest and there are all these animals right in front of you as you cross them. The forest was so calm that I felt like camping there.

2. The giant Ferris wheel, Singapore flyer takes you all the way and you get this kickass view. Oh, also we took the ride in the evening so by the time we reached the top it was sunset and it just added to the whole experience.

img_9851img_9854img_99493. Gardens by the bay are a mind-boggling crazy man made beauty and were one of the attractions that we enjoyed the most. It had flower dome that was a huge glass dome with beautiful flowers, words cannot do justice so hopefully some pictures will.
There was another place within the gardens by the bay area and it’s called cloud forest. It has a man-made waterfall and it’s magnificent! It’s like a tropical mountain area that has been replicated and you descend down the waterfall through a circular pathway. Magical journey, I tell you.

Last but not the least the super groove trees! These are like super huge tree like structures that light up in pretty purple hues after sunset and then there’s a light show for the visitors every evening for duration of 15-20 mins. Also, it’s pretty commendable that all of this man-made stuff is just not to attract visitors or make the country look appealing but the fact that these trees actually serve a purpose. These trees are environmental machines for the gardens! How cool is that? I know right! They have machines that basically make these trees function like real trees. They save up on solar energy and its used for the tree lights and lots of other stuff to for the rest of the gardens.


4. Orchard road is a go to shopping place. It’s a hub for all brands and has limitless shopping. It also has café s and hotels in the area. One of the other touristy areas is Little India, with local restaurants, shops etc.
Merlion Park is a super cool chilling out spot with the best view ever.

img_9434Singapore has loads to do. Even after visiting the attractions we would have a blast exploring the city.

Stay tuned for part 2.

Good day! xx


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