Today is the overview of the 4 days we stayed in Sentosa Island.
Sentosa is within Singapore but is separated by a main entrance that makes the island exclusive. The Sentosa Island itself has lots of resorts but you don’t have to stay at the island to avail the entertainment stuff, you can just visit those places anyway. However we stayed in Sentosa and it was one of the best decisions.

Sentosa has loads to do. So we picked out on things that interested us and compatible with our days there because obviously Baby M was with us and although she is the most cooperative 5 month old (thank god) we didn’t wanted to exhaust her.
so at Sentosa you can laze at the beach all day with bars and cafes on the beach strip or you can do other stuff like, the following…

1. Universal studios- it’s an amusement park. Super crazy adrenaline rush kinda stuff happens here and it doesn’t really need explanation. Loved loved the rides and the person I am just one day was not enough. My favorite was the mummy return ride and transformers and the 30 second crazy roller coaster and I could go on.. oh also, there’s the Disney castle we all saw growing up and I felt that I’m 15 years old again.. Fairytale kinda stuff but then at least I had my prince charming with me, so it was cool.

2. Cable car ride to Faber peak- it was super-hot that day but nonetheless the view and destination point kinda made up for that shortcoming. It was great and when we reached ta the top there was the tiny souvenir shop and a restaurant. The best part was the bell of happiness at the Faber peak. You write a note or whatever on a bell and tie it and the big bell. So I didn’t miss the chance of writing awesome because after it was 3rd wedding anniversary trip and the bell was THE place. Wink.

3. Madame Tussauds – the wax museum, it’s the smallest in Sentosa. I have been to London’s and I thought it’d take us the whole day but well, we got done in an hour but it was fun because I was HK.
HIGHLIGHT- posed with Shahrukh khan and Marilyn Monroe.

There was a lot more to do but I really wanted to take in the whole scenic beauty and chill at beach, so that’s what we did!

But if anything, I totally recommend staying in Sentosa and enjoying the best it’s gotta offer and trust me, it’s got lots.

Tell me, have you visited Sentosa? What was your favorite place?

Good day!


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