This Tuesday I was actually saved from sitting and racking my brains as to what would make a good Tuesday post. All thanks to a friend who sent a random pimple picture and I was like oh! Awesome (of course not to her situation), now I know! So I suggested a remedy and it worked like a charm and just a day later she sent me a picture again and the bad boy had almost disappeared.

So here it is, if a god forsaken pimple pops on your face, all you need is good old talc. That’s it.
Take some talcum powder, apply it on the spot but don’t massage it. Just let it sit on the pimple. Do this like twice or thrice a day. The talc will dry it out and it’ll pop itself or disappear. Bonus, it doesn’t leave behind an unsightly mark.
Also, it’ll work if pimple is caused by oiliness of the skin.

Happy Tuesday!




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