Hey guys! Today’s post is very close to my heart because it sorts out to help people around me. It makes me really happy to know that one of my acquaintances has taken an initiative to start a marriage bureau known as Zawaj. I won’t disclose her identity for clients’ privacy issues.

She is the founder of Zawaj. The team has four members; all located in different countries, dividing the work respectively to the location and nationality the match is being sought for. Their team seeks out the very best match for you based on the information provided through the form.
What I find extremely wonderful is the fact that it’s not limited to Pakistan or Pakistanis. She has a team member that speaks Arabic, Italian and other languages. So if you belong to any other ethnicity and are looking for a suitable match for yourself, this might be exactly what you need then!

It’s such a wonderful thing to be able to think about others and to be able to help them when it’s the most difficult part in our eastern societies now days to find a suitable match for ourselves, our children, our siblings, let it be anyone. I have personally seen people experience turmoil because of rishta aunties and how they deal with them. It’s really heart breaking and difficult for people who have to go through it. Zawaj respects your privacy and gives you regular updates, so you just don’t hang in the middle of nowhere waiting for things to happen.
If you are single and want to get married, this is such an awesome page because you don’t have to wait for your parents or anyone for that matter to get it going for you. Since your privacy is maintained, you can make an effort for yourself with your own preferences for a life partner because a lot of times in our culture there are basic things that we cannot communicate with our parents or siblings. So, take a step for yourself, for your life. Okay? Good!

You can contact Zawaj on Facebook.
Once you have filled out the form available on their Facebook page and provided honest information, the team gets back at you immediately. The lady in-charge meets you personally anywhere that’s convenient for you although in a month or so she will be opening her own office.
Also, if you are willing to get in touch with her, now is the right time because next month she’d be travelling to other cities of Pakistan.

Hope this was helpful to a lot of you because I know my readers are not restricted to Pakistan but are from all over the world. So no matter wherever you are and you want to find your significant other, give this a go.

Good luck!


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