Tuesday tips have always meant to be for the purpose of helping and to make use with basic stuff easily available in your kitchen or something you can easily get. So here’s another one… Yogurt and all the cool things it can do.
I just personally believe that skin care and to pamper it you don’t always need stuff off the shelf. I like it better when I can just go grab these organic things and mix and match them for whatever I want.

Yogurt is awesome. It has a lot of great nutrients such as, calcium, magnesium, vitamin B 12 and so on. It’s a good substitute for milk if you aren’t fond of drinking it. Personally, I’m not a milk person so I’d rather have yogurt over milk anytime.
It’s great for your immune system and its super helpful if you are trying to lose weight. It helps me get rid of the water retention and if you are working out, it helps you build lean muscle. So that’s one thing that you should consume if you are on a healthy lifestyle mission.
I think we females just consume yogurt every day because we are more prone to end up with osteoporosis and obviously prevention is always better than cure.
Yogurt has amazing health benefits and it’s great for the skin and hair too! So here’s a tiny list of the wonders this thing can do for you not only internally but also externally.

Skin benefits

  1. Moisturizer- it’s so so so good if you have dry skin. Get full fat yogurt and make your own concoction of a mask and liberally slather it on your face and relax for a while. Personally, I love this mixture-
    Face Mask 1: yogurt mixed with oats and a drop or two of honey. Your skin comes out looking like a radiant, soft ball of sun.
    Face Mask 2: yogurt and lemon juice, it’ll help with skin brightening and also it lightens out any acne scarring.
  2. Wrinkles and fine lines killer- because of highly moisturizing properties it works wonderfully as an anti-wrinkle formula.
  3. Sunburn calmer- yogurt is an amazing soother for burnt skin. It really calms down your skin.
  4. Dark circles eraser- dab some on under your eyes and let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse off. It reduces puffiness and the dark circles are combated by the lactic acid!
  5. Blemishes and pigmentation fighter- yes, it does that too! Use the same formula mentioned in point number 1. Lemon and yogurt.

Hair benefits-

  1. Hair conditioner- works beautifully to nourish and restore the hair. Use it once in two weeks. It’s really great.
    Hair mask for frizzy hair yogurt+egg+few lemon drops= AMAZING HAIR. It really revives the curl pattern of the hair and they feel so smooth and you end up with gorgeous head of hair.
  2. Dandruff treatment- yogurt has anti-fungal properties therefore it really helps cure the scalp from the dandruff disaster.
  3. Natural hair lightener-
    Natural hair lightening mask- yogurt + honey + lemon= subtle pretty highlights.
    Apply it for 30 minutes, twice a week. It basically brings out the natural lighter shades in your hair. If you are all organic person or generally don’t wanna dye your hair for xyz reason, you could give this a try.

Have you tried any of these yogurt mixtures? How’d they work for you? Let me know!

Happy Tuesday!



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