Hey guys! It’s Tuesday. Back with another tip that will require minimum effort. The max you gotta do is go buy the product, it’s actually a kitchen item and if you don’t already have one, you better get it because it’s wonderful for soooo many reasons. It can serve a purpose for possibly every family member.
Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a great kitchen product and if you don’t already buy it every time, it’s a great time to add it on to your grocery list.

My favorite thing to do with the ACV is ‘the last rinse’. It’s almost magical. Basically what I do is that after getting done with the whole in-shower hair process (shampoo, conditioner and mask) I keep half a cup full of ACV and then dilute it with half part water in a tumbler and give the final hair rinse with this solution. It just leaves my hair shinier, smoother and feeling lustrous. The ACV basically removes the gunk that has a layer on your scalp because of all the products that you use on your hair.
If you have great straight hair or a slight wave, the result is almost salon like blow-dried hair. It works really well for frizzy and dull hair too.
No, the hair doesn’t smell bad at all and also don’t do it more than once a month or if you do use hair products every single day then fortnightly.

Happy Tuesday!


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