Foundation instantly gives you a very put-together, fresh look, and if you are into heavy eye makeup, then you just can’t do without flawless looking skin. The problem a lot of us go through involves finding the right shade, and to be honest, representatives at the makeup kiosks usually assume that you’re looking for a foundation which makes you look fairer, often resulting in disaster.

Most of the females I have come across believe foundation is used as a way to change your skin tone which is totally not the case! The purpose of foundation is to even-out your natural skin tone, while you can lighten or darken your complexion by playing the right way with a either a highlighter or a bronzer.

A lot of females mistakenly go through a phase where the applied foundation gives the skin a greyish tone after a while or in other instances, a dull look where you go “WTH! This stuff should make my skin flawless yet here I am.” The reason for this is using the wrong shade of foundation. Anything that’s lighter that your skin tone will end up making your skin look grey, while too dark a shade will make your complexion dull.

The same red lip (last month’s article) rule applies here (you can see it for reference). We all have certain skin undertones which play a vital role in our makeup choices. The foundations of every brand come with pinkish and yellow undertones. So once you have determined what undertone category you belong to, you can make a right choice with the foundation you choose. Pick up the shade that’s closest to your skin tone. I personally check the shade on the back of my hand, but applying it to your jawline is the best way to go about it. Also, a good decision would be to go without applying any foundation when you are going out to purchase one. Apply some on your face and see how it works for you for a few hours and go buy it later or the next day (I’d do that because I’m super picky about stuff).

Remember, foundations exist to make your skin tone look evened out and brighter, not lighter or darker.

Hope you find a good match.

Also, if you already own the perfect shade in a specific brand and confused what shade you’d be in another brand then you can check out this awesome website:

Have a great day! Xx


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