Guys! We have a new fun thing to do in Karachi! It got me super excited because there are some activities I LOVE besides eating too. This is a sure shot way to enjoy yourself if you want to do something other than eating, sleeping and watching a movie. Sindbad has always been really exciting for me because dude, even though I may have an overgrown body but I am still a kid at heart, you know (insert cheesy smile).

So every time I enter that place, I want to do all those cute activities and games for kids, like getting on the carousel , those tiny cars, the robotic hand which picks a gift for you if you are lucky, (it never works for me though),  and the list goes on. But, most of these rides have a weight limit which I obviously surpass.To make people like us happy and for parents to be involved in fun things with their kids, Sindbad, Dolmen Mall Clifton, has introduced a brand new feature to their play area…indoor wall climbing! They kept a bloggers meet-up for the launch which was an offer I just couldn’t refuse because SINDBAD, guyssss!! img_2239
It was super fun and the physical fitness required to climb the wall made me realize that I have become quite the couch potato and should be more active. However, this still didn’t stop me from climbing all the way up the wall while putting out the fire buttons on it to save my imaginary friends. That wall is 20 feet high! It was great and I can now consider myself a certified wall climber, maybe? No?  Okay. I think I showed off about this earlier too.

Also, for many of us it’s a concern if the wall is reliable enough to be climbed by a full size adult, and let me tell you that it is. They have been manufactured in Europe and comply with their safety standards because clearly ours aren’t that trustworthy (pun intended). Okay so, there are three different walls with varying difficulty levels and there’s a game within each wall that needs to be played while you climb, so no boring regular wall climbing. It’s got a twist to it.

Go try it out guys if you bored with regular stuff and if you keep nagging about ‘there’s nothing to do’ or ‘so bored’ (I know because these are my patent lines).

Have fun!

Ps: Goody bag for the bloggers from Sindbad.


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