There’s so much in life to be thankful for yet we keep overlooking the blessings that we have for what we don’t have or just because…it’s human nature that most of the times when the going gets tough hopelessness and being thankless comes easier than appreciating what we do have.

Things always fall back in to place, maybe a little later than our anticipation but they do. It might not be how we want them to be but eventually we see the good hidden behind the happenings. Everything needs a little time.

I have decided to keep a little gratitude jar. I’ll keep adding things that happen; whenever they do, each year and the days that seem difficult I can open up and read all that I have received (not material stuff) and stuff that has been worthwhile. Trust me, there is SO MUCH.

So this gratitude jar will serve the purpose of getting a reality check every time life goes a little haywire because usually we tend to forget in such circumstances how lucky and blessed we are. This could be a good way to remind myself that I have been on the receiving end more times than I realize and appreciate.

So it’s pretty simple, all you need is an empty jar of any kind, (I ate the cake and saved the jar) and just label it if you want to.

You can keep it as a personal thing or share it with your family members or spouse (I’ll share mine with Hk). Also it’d be a great idea to make your kids have one so they get early in the habit of realizing and being grateful for life and it would be a fun activity for them too!

Tell me if you like the idea and will keep a gratitude jar ?

Okay, love, until next time…


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