When was the last time you appreciated your own self? When was the last time you told yourself you are doing a great job, whatever may it be? In the hustle bustle of life and working so hard with managing things, work, home, kids, family,( altogether or separately) we forget ourselves and pay little to no attention to all that we do.

When was the last time you told yourself that you are not ordinary, that all that you do is not basic? Can’t remember? Let me tell you, you are a superwoman. You go through life one day at a time and at times, all at once yet you make it through.

We need to stop deducing our own self as nothing. A lot of us do that and that’s the worst possible thing. The problem lies in the fact that we ourselves, as a person, as a society, community have labeled ourselves ordinary. The mentality that takes over is ‘everyone is doing what we are, so it’s not a big deal’.

Yes it is a big deal! Although every other woman maybe working, studying, home making, all that jazz, but the matter of fact is that they each deal with their own battles and so do you and a little recognition every now and then is good for your self-esteem. A little pat on your own back will just motivate and buckle you up for whatever there is to come. Appreciating yourself will help nourish you mentally and that is so so important. Don’t overlook yourself and get lost in the everyday life, take some time out and acknowledge all that you have, who you are and all that you do.


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Appreciate and praise each other for the little things as female community. It’ll make your surroundings better for you and for those around you. Empower and support each other.

So the next time you see another woman or you, yourself deliver a baby, don’t tell yourself or let anyone tell you it’s not a big deal. No matter how many pregnancies you go through, your body will react a different way every time. It’ll be equally life altering as it was when you have birth the first time. It’s a huge freaking deal, you go through physical and mental changes over the 9 months and you nourish a human being inside you. A HUMAN!!! It’s a huge deal. Give yourself rest. If it’s someone close who has given birth, help them out, be there for them.

If a woman is working full time don’t try to put her down with your conclusions of how her life must be. At the end of the day, she’s working hard and has gotten to a certain level because of her dedication and juggling life about which you have no idea. Appreciate her.

You see a woman who is a home maker, acknowledge her and praise her for all that she does for her family because she probably rarely gets time for her own self and never even thinks about all that she does because she’s made to believe it’s her job.

Next time you see a mother managing her kids don’t evaluate her or hand in your unnecessary two cents. She’s with her kids around the clock and gave birth to them so she knows how they feel, what they want, how to be managed, better than anybody will ever know. Mommy instincts.

And the next time you see a woman just managing a house, please realize no form of work or responsibility is greater or lesser than the other one. All of it requires equal amount of hard work.
Don’t judge another female based on the choices that she has made for her life as it should be none of your concern.
Focus on yourself.

In short, learn to respect woman from all walks of life. Empower and support each other because that is what we need and hopefully we will be able to give a better world, a decent place to our sisters, daughters and ourselves. Because most of the times, we females are processed to be believe that we never do enough somehow, when we are carrying all of it on us.  We need to let go of the stereo-typicality and work towards change.

So not only today but everyday remind yourself that you are doing great and encourage other woman around you by appreciating whatever that is that they do. Motivate them to see and believe that they can achieve whatever they want and there’s no stopping them. We all need it.

For now, celebrate yourself and those entire wonderful women around you. Go get ready for yourself and celebrate today.


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Have a wonderful women’s day and may it bring out the change that we so desperately seek. Also, don’t forget to cherish yourself everyday.

over & out.. xx


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