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I’m absolutely lazy when it comes to removing makeup. I want it to be like one step thing because honestly I don’t like putting in the effort and after the entire day with Baby M, I like to keep bedtime rituals to a minimum. 

I found this guy a while ago and it’s been a savior for those lazy days. You know, the kind where you want to but don’t want to make the effort?  well, this product really sorts out that situation. Feel so thankful, ahhh.

Garnier micellar cleansing water– this is the guy I’m talking about.

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It’s a micellar cleansing water that consists of really tiny oil molecules suspended in water, so it is exactly like water but with these oil micelle it does a kick-ass job of cleaning your skin without you having the need to rinse it later. The micelle act like a magnet attracting the dirt, makeup, oil, ice cream, anything that you have on your skin.

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What I use it for – removing makeup, before makeup application to remove anything that’s on the skin surface ( makes the application 10X better) and to fix any mistakes that happen during application ( because it’s water like, it really helps being precise)

Best thing- 

  1. It doesn’t have a scent to it, which I absolutely love because I have super sensitive eyes that react to EVERYTHING.
  2. It’s literally like water. It works wonders for me because it doesn’t feel sticky afterwards or during cleansing. It wipes away all the makeup or impurities, basically anything that’s just sitting on your skin.
  3. It’s price effective. I think it costs around Rs.500 for 400 ml and it gives you about 200 uses. Pretty cool, yeah?
  4. Doesn’t dry out my skin- which is like a HUGE plus.
  5. Skin doesn’t feel tacky or greasy after cleansing with it. FullSizeRender (18)

I personally don’t find anything that I don’t like about this product, so yeah. Also, it’s a drugstore dupe for bioderma h2o water.

Garnier micellar cleansing water is easily available almost everywhere in Pakistan or you can order it online from daraz and just4girls. In Saudia it’s available at all leading pharmacies.

Have a good day! Until next time.



  1. Nida says:

    I literally have to drag myself to removing make up after a long day. Thanks for a hassle free solution. I’ll definitely try it since it has so many pluses.


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