IMG_6069A while back, I very randomly picked up three of sleek matte liquid lip colors and I was honestly surprised. These guys don’t get enough airtime and I am here to show them some love.

I picked up three colors, Rioja red, this is a beautiful fiery red and instantly brightens up your day and face. No jokes. The second I chose was Fandango purple, it may take you five seconds to register that name and another five to say it right. But anyhow, the color is pretty simple, it’s a gorgeous magenta and I love it. And the third one is Petal. It’s a muted pink with a very chalky feel to the color, so not my type. Although it’d look great if it’s worn with like a full face of makeup and really done up eyes but otherwise, NO.


Good bits- 

  1. The texture is beautiful, like it glides on to your lips and is super smooth.
  2. The color payoff with just one application is great and with two is bomb. Really opaque.
  3. It’s not over-drying or flaky.
  4. Longevity is good. I still had it on post-paratha session, so that speaks for itself.




I love the range of colors that are available in sleeks matte lip collection and the fact that the formula is very forgiving for dry lips or if you want to build up the color. Definitely a good buy for a lip color lover.

Have you tried these? I am not sure if these are easily available in Pakistan. You can probably order them through here.

In KSA these are available at white’s pharmacy.



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