IMG_2494I’m not a huge trend follower, so the whole statement necklace thing never appealed to me. What could also be the reason is that I never came across ‘the one’ because most of them were too ‘statemen-ty’  for me (makes sense?).However, I have been really wanting a nice silver tribal/ethnic looking statement choker necklace but they always were too chunky for my liking so instantly a big NO. Please note, also part of this choker requirement was something that goes well with both, eastern and western outfit.
So, basically I was the happiest person when I found this awesome choker. because it’s not easy to find accessories that just hit home with your style and it happened for me, so naturally, I had to get it.

FullSizeRender (10)

Welcoming this beautiful ethnic choker necklace to my accessory vault. I love it.

Since the chain to it is long and I basically like it more close to the collar bone, like a low sitting choker. What I do is that I tie the extra chain at the back with a rubber band. Maybe will make an extra effort and fix the chain myself by altering the length but for now this works just fine.

I got this ethnic statement necklace from chains & chokers.



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